Writing, Reading, and Other Goals for the New Year

These are my goals for 2009. This is the first time I've actually thought about this sort of thing and put it out for all to see. I plan to do checkpoints throughout the year, maybe every three months or so, just to see how I'm doing. I started reporting my writing progress a while back, and I think it's helped keep me motivated. The intent here is the same.

So, here we are: my writing, reading, and other goals for this new year.


1.) Finish my current WIP

I've been blogging about my progress on The Five Elements for some time now. My primary goal is to complete this novel and get it sent out to potential publishers and agents.

2.) Start a new project—short story or novel

This one sort of goes along with the next listed goal, but I'm keeping it separate just b/c. If my next project winds up being a novel, I'd like to be firmly entrenched in it. If a short story, look to #3.

3.) Finish/submit a short story

I've been thinking about trying out the short form again (my first short story submission was accepted for publication a long, long time ago). By it's very nature, it's a quicker process from start to finish than a novel, and one would expect more gratifying as a result. I intend to start (and finish) a short story and submit it to at least one publisher.


1.) Read 10 novels

I used to be able to do this in my sleep in probably a couple months' time. Not so anymore. I still read almost every day, but in shorter stretches. I think I can handle ten this year, though.

Book Reviews

1.) Review 3 novels

In 2008, I reviewed 12 books. I'm keeping this one extremely conservative; shouldn't be a problem knocking three reviews out, but by keeping the expectation low I make sure I don't go overboard and, most importantly, preserve more time for writing.

Blogging/Social Networking

1.) Investigate way to automate Weekend Links series (potentially through Tweetlater or Delicious)

I like doing my weekend links series, but sometimes it's a bit monotonous. Automating this process makes sense and will allow me to keep the series alive while helping me reclaim some time for writing.

2.) Be more active on other blogs

What this comes down to really is commenting more. Oftentimes I see a topic I'm interested in, but I may not join the conversation. I'd like to work on changing that.

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  • stevent
    Scott, I've been thinking about submitting some of my short stories to publications as well. I've actually only done that a few times but with no success. How do you go about selecting the publications to submit to? Do you focus on on-line or print publications? I went through the Novel and Short Story Writer's Market book a few weeks back and wrote down some potential publications for myself.
  • scottmarlowe
    Hi Steven,

    I think nowadays you go with both online and print, keeping in mind online is probably going to be easier to break into. Of course, it also comes down to how much you expect to get paid, or if you expect to get paid at all. Wink

    Personally, I plan to go both routes and see what happens.

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