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Social media just isn't what it used to be, is it? Not only are there more platforms than ever (remember when MySpace was all you really needed to worry about?) but those platforms steadily require more and more of our time to keep up with. Also, they each seem to almost require a specific set of skills to do well with them. Instagram favors the graphically astute. Twitter, the sharp-witted or funny. Tiktok, the entertainers. Facebook? it doesn't seem to matter what you do since only a few of your friends or followers will ever see your post unless you're willing to pay for Facebook to promote your content.

It's a personal choice, and I'm making the choice to step back from it all.

When I first started writing back in 2010 or so, I was more heavily into the social media scene, at least on certain platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I'm not much of an Instagram user and have never even looked at Tiktok. I took some time off from writing due to my day job crushing my soul (that's a story for another time), but as of a few months ago, I am back and fully concentrating on writing my next books. During the time I was MIA from writing, the social media scene exploded. It's hard enough keeping up with it all on a personal level, but throw in trying to use those platforms as a marketing tool and I would never have any time to actually write if I tried staying engaged on them. Plus, and here's the most important point, the ROI on most of these platforms just isn't there.

So, moving forward I'm stepping away from social media. I've actually already done this. I'm off Twitter most of the time (even when I do log in, there are so many distractions I often forget why I even signed on in the first place) and I'm taking a huge step back from Facebook, which only shows my content to followers if I'm willing to pay to promote that content (not happening right now with my current budget). I'll maintain these accounts as usual, but you won't be seeing much new info from me on either platform. Your best bet to get new information about whatever is going on with me, including new releases, is to stop by here every once in a while or, even better, sign up for my email newsletter. There's a rumor going around that I will soon be offering a free Alchemancer prequel short story to current and new subscribers, so you'll want to take advantage of that if you're a fan of that series.

That's it from me. I need to get back to writing. Until next time.

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