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Introducing the World of Uhl


For the longest time I considered creating another web site to feature the world where I set my novels. Sometime last year I finally made this into a reality.

The World of Uhl is supplemental information to go along with my books. On it you'll find descriptions of the peoples, characters, and places of Uhl, along with professionally done maps and, of course, purchase information for the books themselves.

Since Friday around here is about the content of my novels—namely the worldbuilding—I thought I'd start with this brief intro post before getting into the details. Moving forward, I'll be highlighting information already on the WOU site—namely the races and places listed there—but also plan to write up some essays on such topics as how magic and science relate to one another in my world, for example. This melding only increases throughout The Alchemancer series, so it's important to lay some groundwork.

I should have my hands on a world map soon from my illustrator. I'll update you all when I get it and once the kinks are worked out.

How to Pronounce 'Uhl'

You can pretty much pronounce it however you want. But the way I intended it to be pronounced is 'ool', as in 'bool' (which is shorthand for 'boolean' in case you were wondering) without the 'b'. Others have pronounced it 'ul'. Either works as far as I'm concerned, so use whichever you like.

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