The Alchemancer series

The Hall of Riddles new cover and available to purchase

The Hall of Riddles has a new cover, and even better, it's now available to purchase from all major online retailers in ebook and digitally narrated audiobook formats.

This cover was long overdue. The old one, which was a one-off, did not match the series and, therefore, was a little hard to display next to the other books in the series without looking awkward and out of place. That situation has now been remedied with a cover that captures the look and feel of the other books perfectly.

This is the same book that I've offered for free for joining my Reader's Group, but I've found some people simply want to buy the book without the overhead of subscribing to an author's newsletter. Totally understand, and that's why I made The Hall of Riddles available everywhere, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo/Kobo+, Spotify, DriveThruFiction, and many more.

I have all the retailer links listed on the The Hall of Riddles book page. Check it out.


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