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The Inversion Solution Now Available to Pre-order!

Last week, I announced the rebirth of The Alchemancer series. New covers, a new title for book one, and something that might have gotten buried amidst all the other news, namely that book three in the series, The Inversion Solution, is now available to pre-order!


The Inversion Solution is a book I started writing back in 2017. At that time, my day job was demanding more and more of my time, so writing time was scarce. But, ultimately, something had to give, and it was my writing. So, I put the 25,000 words I had written of The Inversion Solution aside, but I never stopped thinking about it. Since retiring from my day job in June, this book has been my #1 priority, and I’m happy with the progress. As I write this post, I’ve written 96,000 words of the first draft. With an expected length of about 120,000 words, I expect to have the first draft completed in about 4-5 weeks (likely 5, since we have Thanksgiving coming up at the end of November).


Here's what The Inversion Solution is about:

The city of Brighton is in chaos. Infernal science inverted half the population. The other half fights for survival. The Alchemancer series continues.

Aaron failed to stop the Nullification Engine, and half of Brighton’s population paid the price. The situation worsens when eslar invaders led by Ensel Rhe’s greatest enemy and brother-in-law, Balrabbek, arrive in Brighton intent on completing Ingrid Kane’s work. Forced into an alliance with them, Aaron soon realizes the engine’s effect went well beyond the city’s borders and that there is much more at stake than he ever imagined.

When Ensel Rhe learns of his brother-in-law’s arrival, he wants nothing more than to take his revenge for the murder of his son. But some part of his former self recognizes the bond of family, so, reluctantly, he stays his hand and instead sets out to learn all he can about Balrabbek’s plan. What he discovers makes him realize that he must end Balrabbek’s ambitions, no matter the cost.

Meanwhile, Serena and Jakinda Rhe sail to Uhl’s furthest reaches onboard the Griffin. While the airship’s captain tries to save the life of one individual, Serena and Jakinda must help one another gain mastery over their respective skills. Once they reach the end of their voyage, they’ll come face to face with the most sinister enemy of all, an enemy they must defeat if there’s any hope of saving the people of Brighton.

The Inversion Solution is available to pre-order at all major online retailers. For links, visit The Inversion Solution's book page. The Inversion Solution releases on April 18, 2023.

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