Night of Zealotry


A Tale of the Assassin Without a Name #3

Night of Zealotry

About the Book

Take out the mark, retrieve the scroll, and avoid getting killed by his protection detail of Black Guard mercenaries. That was the job. Simple enough, or so the Assassin Without a Name thought, until he finds himself smack in the middle of three organizations all vying for possession of the item he just stole.

Of the three, the worst is the Jakaree, a group of fanatical priests willing to kill to fulfill their mysterious goals. But by making the Assassin Without a Name a target, they're about to get a lesson in death themselves from one of the best.

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Aravar Tillwood

An artificer.

Assassin Without a Name

Witty assassin with a penchant for murder and fine wine. True identity unknown.

Brady Marsh

A thief.

Elizabeth West

A thief. Former love interest of the Assassin Without a Name.

Geoffrey Belford

Captain of the Black Guard.


Leader of the Jakaree.

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