Thief's Gambit


A Tale of the Assassin Without a Name #5

Thief's Gambit

About the Book

The hunter has become the hunted, as the Assassin Without a Name is forced from his usual haunts by Gwendolyn Goddard and her Black Guard watchdogs. On the run and out of patience, a welcome distraction arrives in the form of an old flame, Elizabeth West, who recruits him for a special Warder mission. The fanatical Jakaree are on the move, searching for an ancient relic so diabolical, the Warders are intent on destroying it before the zealots can lay a hand on it.

But the Assassin Without a Name soon learns that Elizabeth has something bigger in mind. Suspicious of her employer's true motives, she sets out to uncover the truth, leading them on a harrowing escapade across Alchester's rooftops, deep beneath the city's once grand temples, and into the sky onboard a Warder airship.

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Killing the Dead is available as part of The Assassin's Blade compilation.



Jakaree priest. Second to Onius.

Assassin Without a Name

Witty assassin with a penchant for murder and fine wine. True identity unknown.

Atticus Drake

A founding member of the Progressive Society.


Thief's apprentice. Member of Alchester's thieves' guild.

Elizabeth West

A thief. Former love interest of the Assassin Without a Name.


Warder imperator.

Geoffrey Belford

Captain of the Black Guard.


All around scallawag. Informer.

Mason Gould

The Assassin Without a Name's brother-in-law.

Nathaniel Manes

Warder compulsor.

Olivia Gould

The Assassin Without a Name's sister.

Reubin Kariaktos

Mentor and teacher to the Assassin Without a Name.


The Keeper. Collector of rare tomes and documents.


Atticus Drake's driver.

William Wright

Inspector of the King's Magistrates.

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