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The Hall of the Wood (2nd edition) releasing on July 31

The second edition release of The Hall of the Wood is happening next week on July 31.

This isn't going to be a huge event with parades and fireworks, but something very small and quiet. I'll make the official post here, probably tweet about it, post it to Facebook, and let a few forums know. Also, I'll be doing a LibraryThing giveaway soon. But not much more than that. I think it's the best way to close the book on this chapter (no pun intended).

The Hall of the Wood is a good story. Reviewers have told me so. But it lacked polish. That's really what this second edition release is all about. There's some new content too. Overall, though, the size of the novel didn't change. I'll write up a bit more on the exact changes on July 31.

Until then, you can still sign-up for my email list and get a free eBook copy of The Hall of the Wood. This is something I want to do not only to kick-off the release (and maybe get a positive review or two, though I have no control over whether such reviews are positive or not and make no such requirements as part of this offer) and to give something back to fantasy readers in general. The Hall of the Wood is the kind of book I love to read. Hopefully there's a few people out there who agree.

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