The Hall of the Wood (2nd Edition) Is Officially Released

The Hall of the Wood is here! (click-through to read a couple of excerpts)

After many months and much hand-wringing, the book is complete… again. This is a 2nd edition release, meaning there were significant enough changes from the previous version to warrant a whole new edition. The novel is available for purchase in print and eBook formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. iBookstore is coming.

So what's new?

This is probably the most important question one might ask at this time. In short: new cover, new extended ending, and a whole lot of new polish.

As for the cover, you can see it above. There are some very talented graphic artists out there. Damon of is no exception.

The story itself hasn't changed from the first edition. Same main characters, same plot. But I felt the ending needed a little more granularity. There's a fairly large conflict that, in the first edition, is told  in summary form. I don't want to give away anything for those who haven't read yet, but I took an axe to that summary section, created some new supporting characters (both patrollers and goblins), and gave readers the battle they deserved.

Last, there's the editing. I started to see a trend in the comments and reviews left for the book which basically all said, "Good story, but needs polish." Producing a book with zero errors is the ideal scenario, but it's very difficult to attain in practice. However, that doesn't mean one shouldn't strive for perfection. I'm one of those people who truly believes that. The Hall of the Wood is one of my showcase pieces. It's going to be out there for a very long time for readers to enjoy. It can't not be perfect inasmuch as structure, grammar, and spelling are concerned. Is it 100% error-free now? Probably not. But it's in a lot better shape than it was before, and I bet it's about as close to perfect (again, spelling, grammar, etc.) as it can be.

In conclusion…

So, that's that. The Hall of the Wood is back. I encourage you to click-through on one of the buy links above, read what it's about, and make a purchase. It's the best way to ensure I'll be able to continue writing stories and I thank you for your support.

Also, look for the first few chapters of The Hall of the Wood right here as I'll be posting a chapter per week for the next three weeks at least.

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