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It seems a lot of authors these days have email newsletters. Given the effectiveness of email, it's no wonder. Social media platforms are nice, but they're not a reliable, sure-proof way to communicate with readers. Therefore, we have email newsletters, where a reader can hear directly from an author with no middle men in between.

As part of the rejuvenation of my author career, I'm happy to announce that I have also brought my email newsletter back to life. Much work was done on the backend to make this happen (changing email platform providers, creating new welcome emails, writing an entirely new story set in The Alchemancer series), but all is done now and I'm ready to roll it out.

All that being said, please consider subscribing to my new release email list. You'll receive two eBooks, The Hall of Riddles (An Alchemancer Prequel) (an exclusive story for subscribers only) and The Killing Knife (Tales of the Assassin Without a Name #1-3), as a thank you for entrusting me with your email address. I promise I won't do anything nefarious with it, and you'll only hear from me when I have a new release to announce or when I have some tidbit of news or information I feel is worth sharing. Honestly, any time I spend writing a true newsletter is time away from writing, so I'm not committing to any sort of regular newsletter release schedule at this time, other than that I will let you know when I have something new out.

So, sign up, get your books, and let me know what you think of them. I always like to get feedback from readers!

Join my reader's group and get The Hall of Riddles (An Alchemancer Prequel) and The Assassin's Dilemma (An Assassin Without a Name Prequel) as a welcome gift.

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