The Assassin Without a Name series

The Killing Knife now available to email subscribers

The Killing Knife is a collection of the first three Assassin Without a Name stories (Fine Wine, Killing the Dead, and Night of Zealotry). It's available free to my email subscribers.

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Here's what The Killing Knife is all about:

The Assassin Without a Name takes the jobs he wants, dispensing death, or mercy, as he sees fit. His is a life of luxury, with a glass of the finest wine in one hand and a killing knife in the other.

At least until the Jakaree, a group of death-dealing fanatics, arrive with plans to subsume the city of Alchester in permanent darkness. When the Assassin Without a Name's closest friend and former lover finds herself embroiled in their machinations, he sets out to give the death-dealers a true lesson in death that they'll never forget.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as enjoyed writing it!

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