Writing Update

Status of Current Projects


After a hiatus that was longer than expected, I'm returning to writing. One of the things I did not anticipate upon returning was how much I had forgotten about each of my series. That's why I realized pretty quickly that I needed to spend some time re-reading my books. There are so many nuances, secondary characters, plots, and sub-plots, and I needed to refresh my memory on all of it. As I read, I'm adding to my notes and making lists of characters, places, infernal weapons, and anything else that I think I need to know for future stories. Having multi-layered, complex stories is a good problem to have!

Now, on to specifics…

The Alchemancer series

I have the next Alchemancer book (called The Inversion Solution) fully outlined. I actually finished the first draft of chapter 1 before I stepped away a few years ago. The next step will be to revisit the outline, make any needed changes, then jump back in where I left off on the writing.

The Assassin Without a Name series

I also have the next Assassin Without a Name story (tentatively titled, The Enemy You Know) outlined. I’ve already started the process of reviewing it to make sure it’s all up to snuff and adheres to the direction and spirit of the series as I see it now. Needless to say, given my current re-read of the series, I'm finding an abundance of changes I want to make to really take this thing to the next level.

Other Projects

I have many other stories I want to tell, but, given the above, I’m already too time constrained as it is. Writing one book is a big feat unto itself! Writing two at the same time, even more so. This is where having more time would be great and also segues nicely into my next post where I will discuss the financial side of things.

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